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Are you looking for a place to host you website. This is a true life experience not a comparison of different plans. What happen was I wanted to start a website and a very important part is to find a host to place my website. I am not a programmer or a web site builder. So with my limited experience I set out to find a web host. I am not going to say the host I singed up with but I will say what happen. At first everything work good, then I had a problem so I am thinking I need to call tech support. So I called and got the message “ we are helping other people please leave a message and we will call back “. 3 - 4 hours go buy no call so I call again same thing. So I think I will send a e-mail, the next day I got a answer but it did not help me. So again I called and to my surprise some one answered the phone. After telling them my problem they told me that it was something I was doing and if I would pay someone would take a look at it. So I spent hours reading on the internet and fixed it myself. The problem was something up loaded in the wrong place but my site was not working for 5 days.
I am thinking to my self there has to be a better way. So I start looking for a different host. There are a lot out there, I can't say what they are all like. What I did was compare cost what they offer and what other people said about them. First there is a lot of work to move your site and they know it this is why you see a lot of low cost introductory offers.

So here's what I did, after looking I decided to go with Hostgator. First I have to move my site, and I followed the instructions and uploaded my site. First thing that happens is my site is not working. You have to stop serving from the site of the other host before it can be moved. Now I am thinking here we go again my site is not going to work for a week. So I called tech support and the phone was answered  by a person that talked nice to me and said lets take a look. After he looked at it he said the files needed to be moved up one level. I thinking ok, I am not a tech person this is going to take me hours to find out what he means. Then he said let me take care of that for you 30 seconds later he said try it now. To my amazement it works perfect. Every time I have called a real person has answered the phone and helped me.
Maybe if you are a programmer you don't need help, I can't say that. One of the reasons I picked Hostgator wae the ease of use. They have a lot of one click install programs, like Word press, Jollmla, Magento, Website builder, they also have one click forums if you would like a forum for your site and not just one there is 5 or 6 different ones to choose from. If you are looking for a shopping cart they have 5 - 6 different ones to choose from. They have a lot of free one click things to help and improve your site. I can't say if other host offer the same service but I do know I have been happy with Hostgator.
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