So what is best Air Bags or Spring?

Air suspension versus springs

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So what is best Air Bags or Spring? The first air bag was invented in 1901 it was basically for the ride.
Air bags have come a long way sense then. Today they are used in a lot of automobiles with load leveling systems. The big truck industry almost exclusively uses air suspension. Air bags buy them self dose not guarantee a better ride, but a lot of luxury car manufacturers use them. The better ride comes with a lot of research on how big the bag needs to be and how much pressure go's in them the same go's for trucks too.

Here is what happen to me years ago. I had a work truck with a tool body on it and it was sagging, so I went to a spring shop the man that looked at it was a older guy and you could tell he had a lot of suspension experience. He ask questions like, do you have the same amount of weight all the time, how often do you tow with it and how much weight do you tow. He went on to explain that he could put as many springs on it as I wanted but I would not the way it rides. So I explained to him this was about the normal weight for the truck but I did tow with it and sometimes 
I had a load in the back. So he looked at the truck and pointed out the truck was lower on one side because I had more tools on one side. Then he tool me he would add springs so the truck could handle the weight on there now plus a little more for towing and loads and would put one more leaf on the low side. After he was finished the truck was level, road better and handled weight better. The only disadvantage was the truck was set this way and if I sold it and someone put more weight on the other side or no weight in it you would have to do the job over.
After some time I sold the truck and bought another truck the guy I got the truck from had put air bags on it and he had a compressor on it. I learned to like the set up, I could keep the truck level front to back and side to side. If I towed something I could add more air then when I was finished I just let the air out. It was nice to have the compressor with me so if I went someplace with a empty trailer and then put a load on it I could just add air till the truck was level. The disadvantage is the air bags and compressor can and will go bad a some point. Springs will last forever. I replaced both the compressor and air bags on that truck but liked the system so much better it was worth the cost. The cost of putting air bags or springs on are about the same.
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