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This is a video on how to replace a BMW hood latch cable. Sounds easy but there is a lot to it. It is not hard when you know how. Take a look at the video and do it your self.
In this video we will explain how to put M5 bumpers on a 5 series BMW. Check out this upgrade to make your BMW look good. Front and rear.
This is a video of how to replace a head gasket on a BMW. Step by step from start to finish. This is a long video so subscribe or save so you can watch the entire video. If you need torque specs take a look at our website at BMW_torque_specs.html
First why do you want a website?

I can think of a lot of reasons, in todays world everyone uses the internet for everything.

You can make a website to tell about your family, don't send Christmas cards just text your web address you can make a Christmas page and tell people to look around. Like; see where we went on vacation or see my kids at soccer. Everything you need to know about us to keep up.
Even if you have a small business you don't have to spend big money to have a website. How many people today are driving somewhere and pick up there phone, Say OK Google where can I get a good sub or where can I get my tire fixed.  ( I have done the tire thing my self )You don't have to have a big website just 1 page with what you have to offer and why people want to come to you.

The list go's on, but you say it cost to much I don't have the first idea of how to make one. In today world anyone can make a website. You can have a website up and running for under $100.00.
I will explain how but first you need to under stand whats out there.
There is a lot of web site hosts out there that are free and have what they call drag and drop software that is easy to use. You just pick the design you like and there software dose the rest. There are 2 problems with this the first is if you make a website with their software it is not yours you can not copy it or move it. The other problem is if you get the free web hosting your web name is after there's so it can be hard or all most impossible for someone to find unless they know the web address first. This maybe OK for a family but they still advertise on you site so if you want a clean site you have to pay them. You know nothing is free. 
There are some other website building software out there and some freeware like wordpress but if you don't know anything about how to wright code you will find it very hard if not impossible to use. I looked for a long time and found the software called 90 Second Website Builder. With this software you have a simple drag and drop website builder. It is your software and you can make as many web sites as you want. You don't have to know any thing about code or how the web works. They have step by step videos of what to do next. You can try the full version free for 30 days. If you buy the software you can get 1 year web hosting for $89.95 or you can buy the software with out web hosting for $69.95. so for 89.95 you can have your website up and running. With a 30 day free trial you have nothing to lose. It is a fun hobby once you start playing around with it and you might like it if you don't just hit delete button and start over.
See the examples of the website  I started with this software. I was just playing and did both in a couple of minutes. I have used this software before so I know the steps. I used some of the free videos for the back ground but you can use one of your own videos for the back grounds.
You can even set up a members page so people give you there e-mail and you can give rewards ( something free ) to you good customers. This is a good way to advertise for free. You could set up a members page for you self. When you have a party you can send emails out and just invite the ones you want.

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This is a video of how to temporarily fix a fan clutch. This will get you off the side of the road. Also how to replace the fan clutch.

How to build stunning professional looking websites

Website building explained

Try now, only your imagination is the limit