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This is a video on how to replace a BMW hood latch cable. Sounds easy but there is a lot to it. It is not hard when you know how. Take a look at the video and do it your self.
In this video we will explain how to put M5 bumpers on a 5 series BMW. Check out this upgrade to make your BMW look good. Front and rear.
Everyone loves forum's they are full of free information that we all need. I use them all the time, but what I hate about most of them is they are so loaded with ad's every time I want to read something I have to wait forever for the page to load. A lot of time it is not what I am looking for and I have to look some where different and wait again. The truth is it can be very expensive to run a website and ad's are how to offset the cost                          ( nothing is really free )  and if you are lucky you can make a little money.
I am a picture person, when I read a forum a lot of the time I read and go look and come back and read again to try to understand. I read some where, reading forums' and watching videos is not learning how to do something the right way. This is half true, do people have a lot of information to give? Yes, is it all correct information?  No, but if you read 2 or 3 and they all say the same thing the odds are it is the right answer.
Trust me there is no one that knows everything. Mechanics call each-other and ask questions all the time.  So are forum's helpful, yes do you need to use you own judgment yes.   This is why we have a lot of videos on our site how2fixvideos you can see how to repair something so you can understand how it got fixed a lot better then if someone just tells you.
Have you ever looked at something and said to yourself, that is a good idea but I would not do it that way. This is what people need to remember, forum's are not teachers or textbooks there just other peoples ideas. If you would like to see where I read a forum and did something the wrong way look here,    But we all live and learn. So come watch our videos and take a look at our free blog sites for information but always use your own judgment.

How a forum should work

Everyone Loves Forum's