Truck before airbags               About the same weight                Truck after airbags    Click on image to see large photo

Here you will find videos on how to repair and upgrade your Dodge

A lot of people wanted to see my Dodge cummins boost, so this is it. Look at my other videos to see how I built them. Be sure to look at my web site blog to find more information.  First you have to know what turbo you are looking for. Do you just want a little more horsepower or want to  tow better or go all out. Compound turbos get confused with twins turbos. Read more in the blog to find out what you need
This is a video of my Snow Performance water methanol and how it works. be sure to read the blog page where I explain when or why do you need water methanol injection. First we need to understand what it is and how it works.  The first thing this does is cool the temperature of the air going to the intake. Get more horse power,as much cooling as you need.
A video of how to replace your air-conditioning condenser coil. And how to charge your A/C.  Also we will explain how a air-conditioning system works. This is not a hard job see the video and save some money.
Air bag suspension, this is a video of how to put air bags on your truck for around $100.00. Before you put springs on your truck watch this video and read are blog page at air bags versus springs.
Air bags versus springs