Here you will find video on how to repair and upgrade your Dodge trucks

This is a video of how to replace your Dodge truck spring bushings with Energy suspension polyurethane bushings. Your rear spring bushings are easy to over look. Replacing you spring bushings can make a big difference in the ride you get. If you tow a lot or carry heavy loads your spring bushings will wear out. If you fix your front end and you truck still sways it probably coming from the rear spring bushings. If your truck sways it is hard to tell if it is coming from the front or rear spring bushings. It is not that hard to replace the spring bushings your self. I replaced my spring bushings 2 times 1 time I used the oem rubber bushings they had about 140,000 miles on them. This time I am trying polyurethane spring bushings I will see if they last longer. I tow a lot and always have about 2000 pounds on it.
This is a video of how to replace a cummins intake manifold gasket. A lot of the time when you have  intake manifold gasket leak you can here a whistle when the truck has high boost. You can also check with soap bubbles or sometimes you can feel air with you hand. If you have a intake manifold gasket leak you will lose power and get high exhaust gas temperatures. If you have twin / compound turbos like I do, the intake manifold gasket is something you want to watch. I think the intake manifold gasket was not designed to handle high boost. I have replaced my intake manifold gasket more then once. My intake manifold gasket seems to last about 80,000 - 90,000 miles I am sure on a stock engine you would probably never have to replace you intake manifold gasket unless you remove it for some other reason.
This is a video of how to upgrade your Dodge turbo pipe. It is a good idea to get good flowing air from your turbo to intake. The turbo pipe from the turbo to the inter-cooler is 3” the inter-cooler is 3 1/2” going out the inter-cooler is 3 1/2” and the turbo pipe is 3' to the intake. If you google air flow at a 3” turbo pipe and a turbo pipe at 3 1/2” the CFM ( cubic feet per minute ) the 3” turbo pipe is 5679 CFM at 50 psi and the turbo pipe at 3 ½ is 8350 CFM. A big difference. Up grading your turbo pipe can lower your ETG's and give you more boost. It is not hard to up grade you turbo pipe and dose not cost a lot. Normally you get about a 2 psi drop from the inter-cooler after I up graded my turbo pipe I now have a 1 psi drop in boost. This is a do it yourself video that dose not cost a lot you can do yourself.
This is a review and installation of Blue Ox diamond hitch. I have a tool body on my truck and I replaced it I figured it was a good time to replace my gooseneck hitch. When I started to check on them they all say they are good for 30,000 pounds. But if you read more they tell you to give the model of your truck and the will send you the parts that bolt on you truck so what you have is a center that is rated for 30,000 pound and bolt on parts that are rated for your truck. This is why I went with this gooseneck hitch because everything is rated for 30,000 pounds. You get a good look of how this gooseneck hitch is installed because the bed is off. Watch the video to see what I mean.