Here you will find videos on how to repair and upgrade your Dodge ram trucks

This is a video of how to replace upper and lower control arm bushings with energy suspension polyurethane bushings on a 01 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500. Your upper and lower control arm bushings wear out like anything else. Replacing your upper and lower control bushing can save you money on tires and make your ride better. If you have 150,000 or more miles on your control arm bushings you would probably benefit from replacing your control arm bushings. It is not that hard to replace your upper and lower control arm bushings. In this video I have all the instructions you need to replace upper and lower control arm bushings. I also have a video of how to replace rear spring bushings. Your rear spring bushings make a big difference on how your truck rides. When your rear spring bushings are wore out your truck will sway and it feels like it is coming from the front. You can not always tell when your spring bushings are wore out till you take the springs out. 
This is a video of how to build your own compound turbos (or sometimes called twin turbos). In this video I explain how to build compound turbos, there is a lot of different setups you can do. But this is the basic of how you build compound turbos. I put compound turbos on my truck mostly for towing depending on the turbos you use for your compound turbos you can get different results. The end results of compound turbos is more HP and fast boost. Once you put compound turbos on you will always want them, it makes that much difference. You will love the power you get from compound turbos. This is not a $5000.00 compound turbo set up, I put compound turbos with new exhaust for under $1000.00 and the I added things as I got money to do the work.
This is a video of how to install a  external wastegate. A external wastegate is needed to bring down your drive pressure and ETG's (exhaust gas temperature). The more modifications you make the more likely you will need a external wastegate. I started to have high ETG's so I installed a drive pressure gauge and then I could see why, my drive pressure was a lot higher the my boost. So I installed a external wastegate. I have the wastegate installed before my first turbo and it is wastegated to my primary turbo. The external wastegate made a big differnce, now I can tell when my wastegate opens my drive pressure stays close to my boost pressure.
This is a video of how to make your own Gauge Pod. This is on a 01 Dodge Ram truck but could work on any car or truck. If you gauges don't fit you can make your own gauge pod. Tired of the same old gauge pods, make your own the way you want. Do your gauge pods look like a mess? That is the way my gauge pods looked that is why I made my own gauge pods. Fix your old cracked dash and put in a gauge pod.
Can you believe 930 lb.-ft. torque and over 31,000 pounds tow capacity.  Have to see.

Ram 3500 HD boosts power and capability for 2018
Jim Morrison, Head of the Ram Truck Brand, announces class-leading 930 lb.-ft. torque number for the 2108 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty pickup. The brand is also revealed best-in-class 5th wheel towing capability giving Ram 3500 HD customers the ability to haul the heaviest travel trailers in the industry.