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This is a video on how to replace a BMW hood latch cable. Sounds easy but there is a lot to it. It is not hard when you know how. Take a look at the video and do it your self.
In this video we will explain how to put M5 bumpers on a 5 series BMW. Check out this upgrade to make your BMW look good. Front and rear.
This is a video of how to replace a head gasket on a BMW. Step by step from start to finish. This is a long video so subscribe or save so you can watch the entire video. If you need torque specs take a look at our website at BMW_torque_specs.html
The torque specs here where taken from BMW TIS for M62 M62TU. Understanding Jointing torque and Torque angle. Jointing torque is what you use to mate the two parts, Torque angle is measured in degrees for stretch bolts. We have diagrams so you can find the torque specs you need easy. There is also vacuum diagrams if you need them.
This is a video of how to temporarily fix a fan clutch. This will get you off the side of the road. Also how to replace the fan clutch.

BMW torque specs

Find the torque specs you need

Screws and spacer bolts                   Replace screws      Jointing torque 20 Nm           Torque angle 45 degrees
Main bearing screws    M60 / M62  Screws have to be replaced, do not wash off coating.
M10 / M11 Jointing torque 20 Nm
M10 torque angle 70 degrees
M11 torque angle 100 degrees
Connecting rods and bearings,  Replace wash and oil screws
Application torque 5Nm
Jointing torque      20Nm 
Torque angle         80 degrees
Cylinder head bolts  M60 / M62 / Screws have to be replaced, do not wash off coating.
Jointing torque 30 Nm
Torque angle 80 degrees plus 80 degrees
Cam shaft bearing cap    M6 bolts 10Nm,   M7 bolts 14Nm,
M8 bolts 20 Nm
BMW suggest removing the head bolts 10 to 1

Always torque 1 to 10
See are video how to replace a head gasket
Oil drain plug
M12 x 1.5    25 Nm
M18 x 1.5    35 Nm
M22 x 1.5    60 NM

Oil sump upper section to crankcase
M6     10Nm
M8     20Nm

Oil sump lower section to upper section
M6     10Nm
M8     24Nm

Watch are video to see how to adjust a oil pump chain
Oil pump and 2 right side oil pump mounting bolts.
Bolts:  (20-24Nm). 
Sprocket. Bolt:  (47 Nm)
Adjust the chain sag to (8-12mm)
#7-9    End cover, top rear (water jacket) to engine block
M6     10Nm

#10-13   End cover, rear to crankcase
M6     10Nm

#1-2    Valley pan 10Nm
See are video of timing chain
guide replacement
Timing case and timing case cover top and bottom
Water pump and alternator
M6 10Nm
M7 15Nm
M8 20Nm
M10 47Nm
Upper timing case to cylinder head M6 10Nm
# 9- Solenoid valve on distributor                     25Nm

# 12- Left-hand thread: Exhaust chain wheel to exhaust camshaft     125Nm

# 6- Left-hand thread: VANOS adjustment unit to inlet camshaft

# 8- Left-hand thread: Nut of sensor gear screw fitting
Intake manifold on cylinder head 15Nm
Below is just vacuum diagrams if you need them
If you are looking for BMW E39 front and rear
suspension torque specs look here