Here you will find videos on how to repair your BMW

This is a video of how to replace a valve cover gasket on a BMW. Sounds easy and it is not that hard but you need to know how to change the valve cover gasket or you could give your self a big headache. This video will tell you everything you need to know about changing you BMW valve cover gasket. You need to keep a eye on your valve cover gasket it is common for the valve gasket to leak in side the cover where the plugs are. I have seen it fill with oil and it is a big mess to clean up. It looks overwhelming  to change the valve cover gasket but you can do it if you know how. Save yourself big money and change your BMW valve cover gasket yourself. Also if you are changing you valve cover gasket it is a good time to replace your spark plugs. The same go's if you are replacing you spark plugs you are more then most of the way there to changing you valve cover gasket.
This is a detailed video how to replace BMW timing chain guides. Replacing your timing chain guides is a time consuming job, but with basic automotive skills anyone can do it. Replacement of the timing chain guides yourself can save you a lot of money. In this video I explain everything you need to know to replace your own timing chain guides. I call it a hobby that saves money. Where can you find a hobby that saves money and you can learn something. You say you don't want to fix yourself watch this video for information on how your timing chain guides work so you will know what the person repairing it is doing. What questions should I ask the shop replacing my timing chain guides? Watch the video for more information. I also replace and adjust my oil pump chain in this video.
Just a short video of how to adjust you BMW oil pump chain. I did my timing chain guides on my BMW and realized my oil pump chain was lose. So I took this part of the video out thinking someone might want to just adjust there oil pump chain. I put a new oil pump chain on it because I was already doing my timing chain guides. If you here noise that sounds like taping or something not good you may want to check the oil pump chain first it is something not that hard to do or adjust.
This is a video of how to rebuild or replace your BMW alternator. It is not hard to rebuild a BMW alternator, you just need to know how. If you buy a rebuilt BMW alternator it will cost somewhere around $250.00. New alternator cost around $700.00. You can rebuild your own BMW alternator for about $80.00. If you follow the instructions on this video you will have a alternator that is just as good as the rebuilt one. If you just want to replace your BMW alternator I give instructions on how to remove and reinstall a BMW alternator in this video.
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