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Drill and slotted rotors: look even better behind nice rims. So do I need slotted, drilled or drilled and slotted rotors?
You can't see the control arm bushings and when you get a front end alignment it is hard to tell if their bad or not.
The in's and out's of water / methanol injection. When you add more horse power to a engine it increases the temperature
Just a few of the videos we have click on the Dodge Ram
Cummins or BMW car link for more videos
How to replace your upper and lower control arm bushings
Detailed video how to replace BMW timing chain guides
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Car parks it self with smartphone. Just one of the videos we have on Enthusiast videos. Click here for more.
We also have some Motorcycle videos.

Landslide Caught On Dashcam. Just one of the videos we have on Enthusiast videos. Click here for more.
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BMW torque specs  
          look here
This is a video of how to diagnose and repair low oil pressure or low oil pressure at ldle in a dodge cummins. We go over, is it really low oil pressure or is it a sending unit, gauge or something different. Watch the video and see if it can help you.
BMW 5 Series body repair. This is a video of how to repair a 5 series after a accident. Is it really totaled or can it be repaired. Watch the video to see how to repair a car like this. This car was totaled by the insurance company, but not buy me.